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SG50 Enterprise Solution Co., Ltd is a medical assistant hub that provides full medical

concierge services to our clientele with Bumrungrad Hospital Group, one of the top private

medical institutions in the world and the largest private hospital in Southeast Asia with CJI

International recognition.

SG50 affords our customers the enjoyment of the best experience from arrival throughout till

departure of the hospital with pre-arrangement of consultation, appointment, cost

estimation, duration of stay, as well as follow up online consultation, medical refills, and test

results consulting without having to travel out of the country. With the expertise of attending

doctors and staffs, SG50 is able to help you in any medical emergency and air evacuation to

the nearest hospital using fully equipped air ambulance and/or commercial flights.


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Bumrungrad Referral office Cambodia1

Welcome to the five-star building of Bumrungrad International Hospital, which provides world-class universal health care for international patients from 190 countries around the world who come here for treatment.



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